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Additional members of TBA's Board of management term 2017 - 2019


Dear TBA Members,
I’m please to announce the additional members of TBA's Board of management.
Board of management 2017-2019 now consist of
1. Ms. Saranya Skontanarak, General Director, Siam Commercial Bank, HCMC Branch
2. Mr. Praween Wirotpan, General Director, SCG Vietnam Co.,Ltd.
3. Mr. Panat Krairojananan, General Director, Surint Omya Vietnam
4. Mr. Santi Sanguansat, VP, Corporate Affairs and CCO. C.P. Vietnam Corporation
5. Mr. Santipong Binthep, Director, Specialty Tech Vietnam Co.,Ltd
6. Mr. Woot Pothipatama, Siam Media Co.,Ltd 
7. Mr. Theerapong Ritmak, General Director, Sitto Vietnam 
8. Mr. Pongpeera Phuengkham, Viet Thai Trung Trading Co.,Ltd.
9. Ms Pichinart Sae-iab, Senior Export Executive, Lighting & Equipment PCL, Representative Office – Vietnam.
On behalf of the new Board of management, we look forward to your continued support. 
TBA Chairwoman
Saranya Skontanarak

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