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Organization overview

Organization Overview

Thai Business (Vietnam) Association, better known as TBA, is a non-governmental and non-profit organization and is established under the License No. 02/GP-HHDN issued on Feb.26, 1999 by HCMC People’s Committee. Currently, TBA has various members from more than 120 Thai companies; the number also reflects the opportunities and potential of the Vietnamese market. TBA is one of the prestige foreign business associations in the country and a highly respected counterpart in the local community. Besides that, TBA is the first Business Association among ASEAN Business Groups & Associations.

TBA has earned a reliable reputation amongst the International Business communities in Vietnam through the activities it organized. Being a part of the Consortium Associate Members of Vietnam Business Forum, TBA Members are entitled and encouraged to take part in various Industries’ Working Groups.

TBA's Objectives

Connecting people, connecting business and passing on the knowledge and experience. TBA extends the connections to the authorities and the communities.

Connecting Thai private sector to Vietnam, along with the agencies such as The Thai Chamber of Commerce and The Federal of Thai Industries who have reached out to TBA for the cooperation and activities inside Vietnam.

Organize activities through business seminars, conferences and networking. Also, strengthening the companionship with other Chambers allowing members to expand their networking to support the businesses

Timely updating useful business information via TBA Website, Weekly news, and Social Medias. Also, providing members special promotions from TBA’s partnership.