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 Annual Vietnam Business Forum 2017
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Annual Vietnam Business Forum 2017

Dear Members,

I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and wish you for a great start in this coming New Year.

Lately, our Association has joined Vietnam Business Forum (VBF) as Associate Consortium member. We believe that joining the Forum will be a good channel for the Thai Business community to contribute to the development in Vietnam as well as help addressing our business issues.

Khun Panat - Vice Chairman and I have also attended the meeting forum in Hanoi on 12 December. Vietnam Prime Minister Mr Phuc attended the forum and he has shared his 3 priorities:

  • Investment in Infrastructures – Smart connecting. Improving Technology and People
  • Macro-Economic Stability – Reforms Economy, SOE and Banking
  • Improving Transparency and Efficiency – Legal, Corporate Governance.

If you are interested in the topics discussing, please see the link to the VBF document:

Our plan is to work with the working groups of VBF (see information below). Your suggestions are all welcome. We will help linking your companies or address your issues to these working groups. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Saranya Skontanarak




About VBF

The Vietnam Business Forum (VBF) is a semi-annual dialogue between the private sector and the government on improving Vietnam’s business environment. It was established in 1997 during the annual Consultative Group meeting between the Vietnamese Government and its donor partners, as a not-for-profit, non-political channel for nurturing public-private dialogue to develop a favorable business environment that attracts domestic and foreign private sector investment and stimulates sustainable economic development in Vietnam.

It is high profile bi-annual Forums between the business community and Vietnamese leadership and through specialized Working Groups cutting across sectors. List of Working Groups:

  • Agribusiness Working Group
  • Automotive Working Group
  • Banking Working Group
  • Capital Market Working Group
  • Customs Working Group
  • Education Working Group
  • Governance and Integrity Working Group
  • Infrastructure Working Group
  • Investment & Trade Working Group
  • Mining Working Group
  • Tourism Working Group
  • Pharmacy Working Group
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