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This is just a preview of the findings contained in this year’s category-spanning, insight-laden report. How you read the report, front-to-back or skipping around, depends on your needs and time available. Whatever way you choose, I guarantee that your time will be well spent. To help you navigate through it, here is a guide to the major components:

Section 1 Introduction and Analysis

Here we connect the dots, summarising the key developments and findings in this year’s global report, suggesting brand[1]building actions, and identifying cross[1]category trends.

Section 2 Most Valuable Global Brands

Here you’ll find the Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranking, year-on-year changes, and the analysis that explains which brands did well and why.

Section 3 Category Focus

Here we examine the dynamics and brand performance of 13 categories, with special commentaries provided by category specialists across Kantar’s global network.

Section 4 Client Perspectives We speak to C-Suite executives from the world’s largest brands, and gain insight on how they identified opportunities for growth and implemented new approaches to consumer insight amid the many challenges of COVID-19.

Section 5 Resources

The report concludes with all the contact details and other relevant information needed to go from reading the report to taking the next constructive steps. Throughout the report, we have amplified our Kantar BrandZ™ data findings with Thought Leadership articles and Insights from Kantar’s brand building experts.


Source: Kantar BrandZ 2021 Global Report