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   On October 7th, 2021, INSEE was very honored to become one of the 3 representative Companies chosen to deputize Vietnam's Mining & Mineral Processing Industry with other countries in the region at the Senior Officials Meeting on Minerals expanded with China, Japan, and Korea, (14TH ASOMM+3) in the form of online meeting with 10 ASEAN countries, China, Japan, Korea, Japan and ASEAN Secretariat.



INSEE Cement Factory at Hon Chong, Kien Luong District, Kien Giang Province

   Within the scope of the Conference, Siam City Cement Vietnam Co., Ltd (INSEE Vietnam) is extremely honored to be one of the three most outstanding Company selected to promote the performance and image of the Mining Industry in Vietnam with other countries in the ASEAN region, ASSOM +3 (with 3 dialogue countries China, Japan and Korea) about using of high technology, modern and advanced mining systems and synchronous equipment, in order to optimize the mining and mineral processing process to achieve the highest efficiency, closely associated with environmental protection for the goal of sustainable development. Over the years, Vietnam's Mining Industry has been able to play its role and position in contributing to the country's socio-economic development and getting closer to developed countries. In the world.


   The 14th ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Minerals with three dialogue countries (China, Japan and Korea) (14th ASOMM+3) was held online with 10 ASEAN countries, China, Japan, Korea and the ASEAN Secretariat, chaired by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, assigned to the General Department of Geology and Minerals of Vietnam to organize. At the Vietnam bridge point, the conference was attended by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment units and Office of the Government, relevant ministries and industries such as the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Construction, Vietnam National Coal – Mineral Industries Holding Coporation, Mineral Companies and Siam City Cement (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. ... with main contents such as exchanging recommendations from the ASOMM+3 Summit, associations related high-level meetings, exchange mineral prospect and develop mineral policy in ASEAN and 3 dialogue countries China, Japan, Korea, update ASEAN+3 mineral cooperation activities in 2021 as sharing share experience and knowledge about value-added, deep processing in the field of minerals and gems through the organization of seminars and green technology researches in mineral exploitation, processing and mining rehabilitation between ASEAN Members (AMS) through conferences/workshops/talks, etc.


   As one of the leading Companies in mineral mining, cement manufacturing, construction materials, typically Asia's leading in waste management via coprocessing and pioneer in green production, INSEE Vietnam has always made new investments, upgraded the most latest technologies for optimization in the exploitation and deep processing of minerals, optimal use of natural resources in the most effective way, actively bring and accompany with environmental protection programs for the sustainable development guideline that the corporation has set out. INSEE has been applying the Block Model QSO, Surpac & Minesched software and state-of-the art technologies, optimizing for mining and mixing raw material. This is one of the most advanced technology in the world to enhance manage the mining work for achieving the highest efficiency and saving natural resources. In addition, 2021 marks the 13-year milestone of cooperation between INSEE and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to be able to seek synergy in achieving the goals of biodiversity conservation for the regions where INSEE operates. Specifically, in Vietnam, in addition to responsible production and exploitation, INSEE has been cooperating with local authorities and strategy partners to continuously invest in renovating and conserving biodiversity, buffer zones, and vegetation, rare plants and animals such as red-crowned cranes, Indochinese silver langurs, etc in conservation areas.


   Along with the brand philosophy of "Build For Life", INSEE will continue making more efforts to maintain its leading position, passion in the circular economy, promoting the goal of sustainable development and balance with a trio of economic growth, environmental activities and social responsibility.




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