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   On October 1st, 2021, the CSR Working Group of the Thai Business (Vietnam) Association (TBA) led by Mr. Supa Waisayarat (Head of the TBA CSR Working Group), had organized the opening ceremony of VIRTUAL RUN 2021 activity (under the project "Stand Together Fighting Covid-19") via Zoom platform.

   During the ceremony, Mr. Supa Waisayarat and the CSR Team had shared about the purpose, time and method of registration. Mr. Piyapong Jriyasetapong - Chairman of TBA also gave the opening remarks after the presentation of the opened video of the participants. In this regard, TBA would like to express our gratitude to the event sponsors such as Banpu, Central, CP group, Chikita, GC Marketing, Gunkul, Greyhound, K-Bank, MEGA LIFESCIENCES, SCG Prime, Super Corp, SCG Vietnam, Super sport, Sabina Vietnam and Top Solvent.

   VIRTUAL RUN 2021 has been co-hosted by the Hong Kong Business Association, Malaysia Business Chamber and Singapore Business Group. For those who wish to attend the event, registration can be done until October 20th, 2021 via the application "Wirtual". Soon, TBA will donate a part of the income to Project No. 406 with a total donation value of VND 13 million, divided into 28 gifts to help Vietnamese people who are struggling during the Covid-19 epidemic situation. After the event, TBA CSR Working Group will find other project to donate all the income of the event.








Source of pictures: TBA